Grand Torino – film review

Vi nesta semana este filme com o Teo. Depois ele teve de fazer um trabalho para a disciplina de Inglês… e eu “roubei-o” para aqui. Acho piada que ele tenha gostado de uma máquina tão anos 70!

Gran Torino 72

Eis o trabalho dele:

This film talks about kindness, friendship, inter-generational solidarity and hope in adversities.

It’s about Walt, an old man and former soldier and he lives now in his house alone, because his wife just died. In the film, he tries to help an Asian teenager, Thao, to gain hope and sense in his life by giving him a job and saving him from an Asian gang which was trying to recruit Thao.

It’s a sad drama, because in the end Walt while saving Thao from the gang.

The action is in America, nowadays. It’s directed by Clint Eastwood, a famous actor who is the character Walt in this movie.

My Opinion


I really liked this movie, because it makes me think about my life, and the risks that we have if we chose the wrong path and how I’m lucky for not having such problems in life, as Thao had in the film.

What I most liked was the Gran Torino 1972, the car of Walt because I want one of those. What I like less was the end because how he was an old former soldier, what you expect is that he went there and kill the whole gang by himself with lots of explosions and that stuff… But instead he pretended that he was going to shoot a gun but he just picked up his igniter and they killed him. This trap caused the arrest and emprisionement of the gang for a long time. But I also liked that, because it was a surprise for me.

The actors did a really good job but who really came out was Clint Eastwood with an astonishing perform as an actor and as director.

I recommend this film to the general public and I think you’ll like it.

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